About Us

The definition of our company name “Bright as a Button”

aligns with the sentiment behind our business:

Bright as a Button = intelligently alert and lively –

“some of them are frail physically

but are as bright as a button in their minds”

Bright as a Button was developed in early 2018, a small business born from my own experience of becoming a parent to a beautiful boy the previous year. As parents we created so many memories with him in the short space of time we had with him and have many keepsakes from this time stored safely in our own memory boxes!

I have worked with our suppliers, to provide a range of quality diverse items suitable from birth.  Each box is themed by a different animal, with a range of both traditional baby plush toys to the unique or “en trend.”  Some boxes are geared towards helping a child’s development at a time in their lives when they are changing rapidly, with sensory items included, whilst others centre around bath time with matching hooded towels!

Every box is individually assembled and any wooden items handmade by myself. I enjoy collating and making each box special for parents to receive, knowing that it has been done so with love and care and with the knowledge of what a magical time it is when a new baby enters the world.

I hope you enjoy looking at the gifts available as much as I have enjoyed nurturing this business.